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See what banks do with your money

Banks use your money to finance different communities and causes according to their values

Find banks that share yours

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How it works


1. We analyze government data to show you how different banks invest in different communities and causes.


2. You can use Mighty to look up any bank, see how your bank uses your money, and learn about new banks in a few clicks.


3. Easily contact banks via Mighty to learn more about the bank, or get started with opening up a bank account or applying for a loan (for banks that offer this option).


See community-investing profiles of banks in the U.S.

Mighty shows you reliable, apples-to-apples comparisons of banks, powered by public data.

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Learn about the human stories behind the community financing data


Mighty shows you a community-impact listing for every bank in the U.S. In addition, banks can set up full profiles on Mighty so people who deposit money with them can see stories of loans being financed, thanks to their money. These banks are called featured banks on Mighty because they’re supporting the level of transparency that Mighty brings to banking customers. See featured banks below.

(Is your bank not yet doing this? Vote to see them take part and we’ll work to see that they do.)


People who have tried Mighty say

"Mighty makes it easy to find good banks that I never knew existed."

"Mighty helps us work with banks that share our mission to build the local community.”
“I invest my money in socially and environmentally responsible stocks, and now Mighty helps me bank responsibly for society and the planet, too."
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