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Your money isn't sitting in your bank.

Your money in your bank is in motion, financing the economy, according to your bank's values. Find banks that share yours.

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How it works

1. Learn what your money can do

2. Find the best bank for your money and values

3. Optimize your portfolio


Banks listed on Mighty are safe, competitive, and transparent
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Find FDIC-insured banks on Mighty. Your money in FDIC-insured banks is protected against loss by the US government

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Find banks where you can bank online, make mobile deposits, connect your banking to apps, and earn competitive interest.

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Find data that banks report to the US governemnt so you can see what banks do with your money.

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Featured banks

Featured banks partner with Mighty to power in-depth impact profiles.

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Others doing it

"I would love to know what my money is doing. I have no idea."

"It’s good for us to work with a bank that shares our mission to build the local community.”
“We're a purpose-driven company and value working with purpose-driven partners, including our bank."
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