Why We’re Building Mighty

People shop for T-shirts with care. Some drive 20 miles to buy farm eggs. Even a choice of a fast-food chicken sandwich can be a philosophical decision.

So why is your choice of a bank still an afterthought – or a non-thought?

Why stick your money any old place, with no regard for how it's used? Do you still think that all banks are faceless institutions with questionable intent, charging extra fees for things that you don’t fully understand?

Banks are not all the same. You have meaningful choices when it comes to working with a bank, whether it’s to keep a bank account, finance a business, or fund or home.

There are thousands of banks in the US. The majority are focused on serving communities. Some community-investing banks are big, while others are small. Some banks operate primarily in urban areas, while others are specialized in working in rural areas. Some fund large enterprise, while others fund small enterprise. Some banks are specialized in financing small businesses, while others are specialized in financing sustainability. But how do you find these banks?

Here’s where Mighty comes in.

Mighty is a place to find the best banks for your money and what you value.

We use hard numbers — publicly disclosed banking data — to analyze the types of investments in communities that different banks make.

We show you a data-driven community-investing profile for every bank in the US, so you can compare and choose banks that give you the right combination of convenience and impact.

And when you subscribe to Mighty impact monitoring about your banking, you’re notified when your money’s impact changes. (Mighty’s impact monitoring is free.)

It’s a win-win-win. You not only get the assurance that your banks are safe and convenient, but also that your banks are using your money to finance what you stand for.

Your money is powerful.

Put it to good use.