Why We’re Building Mighty

People shop for T-shirts with care. Some drive 20 miles to buy farm eggs. Even a choice of a fast-food chicken sandwich can be a philosophical decision.

So why is your choice of a bank still an afterthought – or a non-thought?

Why stick your money any old place, with no regard for how it's used? Do you still think that all banks are faceless institutions with questionable intent, charging extra fees for things that you don’t fully understand?

Banks are not all the same. There are over 5,000 banks in the US. Perhaps many you haven’t heard of yet. Yet many you may like.

You may be interested to know about banks making significant investments in diverse communities across the country: those supporting rural small-businesses, struggling neighborhoods, sustainability, or all of the above; banks run by people like you, for people like you; banks that share your values.

Here’s where Mighty comes in.

Mighty uses hard numbers -- publicly disclosed banking data – to analyze how banks put customers’ money to work and how this may be important to your own interests for your family, your business, and for society. We’re a free online tool that makes it easy and friendly for you to find and connect with banking you need and love.

It’s a win-win. You put your cash and your trust into a bank that’s focused on serving you and all of your interests and you also get to keep your money. And heck, even earn some interest. And your choices are more convenient than ever before.

It’s your money. Why let strangers serve their interests with it when you can make a difference with it yourself?