Banks are powerful.


We all know that where we spend our money matters.

What we don't always remember is that where we keep our money matters, too.

Americans put $11 trillion into bank accounts with limited regard for the trajectory of funds.

This money isn’t sitting in the bank, as if it were under a mattress. it’s in motion, financing different communities and markets.


And so are you.

Just half of all Americans have investments, while over 90% have a bank account.

Mighty brings transparency of impact reporting to the bank account to help you manage your banking portfolio for impact.

Your money is an extension of your work, your voice, your values, and your power. This includes your money in the bank.

You have many bank choices. Choose bank relationships that value what you do.


mighty helps you find, compare and track banks in the us by their social, environmental, and neighborhood focus. build your banking portfolio with checking, savings, and other bank accounts to grow the unique community impact that matters to you. reserve your invite to get mighty.