What we do

Mighty is the hub for you to find and manage your banking to create impact. 

Mighty organizes public data to present you clear information about the local and community impact of banks, such as their effects on small businesses, local farms, and minority issues. Through Mighty’s online platform, you can view your personal banking footprint and compare banks based on the causes you want to impact.

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See Banks' Impact

Find and compare banks by their impact focus.

Align Your Values

Choose banks that use your money to support what you care about. 

Know Your Might

Receive updates about the community impact of your banking.


Find impact information on all 5,800+ U.S. banks including...


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What people say

I know my money isn’t just sitting in the bank, but I didn’t know what it was doing, until now. Mighty makes it easy.
— Real Estate Agent, New York
I thought I needed millions to make an impact. So cool Mighty shows me where I can do my checking and savings to be impactful with what money I have now.
— Graduate Student, San Francisco
I get to choose across banks where my money is kept safe and finances good at the same time? This is a no brainer. Why wouldn’t everyone do it?
— Restaurant Owner, Seattle


About us

We're designers, technologists, data scientists, and storytellers who wake up every day excited to build technology that helps everyone experience their agency of impact in banking. 

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Find banks that care about what you care about.