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Urban Partnership Real Economy Impact Report

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Deposits In, Loans Out: On Our Way to $85 Million in Community Loans in 2018

Welcome to the 266 new people and organizations this year who join the more than 21,000 community members nationwide that keep money on deposit with Urban Partnership Bank, Chicago's largest minority-focused bank that puts the largest share of its money to work to finance loans in low- to moderate-income communities in Chicago and Detroit.

Thanks to the support of our 21,000+ depositors, together we've financed 26 new community loans in the first six months of 2018. 

Data Source: Urban Partnership Bank

These 26 community loans resulted in $22 million in financing so far this year for small business and housing entrepreneurs working in Chicago and Detroit, primarily in minority and low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. We have an ambitious goal to finance another $58 million in loans for the community through December 2018.

Help us fund another $58 million in new community loans through 2018

Data Source: Urban Partnership Bank

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100% of Our Small Business Loans are Made in Chicago & Detroit

As a black-led bank that focuses the majority of its financing in historically under-invested Chicago and Detroit neighborhoods, Urban Partnership works with businesses and organizations committed to bringing investment to these neighborhoods, and building value for community members who call these neighborhoods home. 

Urban Partnership makes 100% of its small business loans in Chicago and Detroit, as illustrated in the pie chart below.

Urban Partnership Makes 100% of its Total Small Business Loans in Chicago & Detroit

Meanwhile, Big Banks with a branch in Chicago and/or Detroit make the majority of their small business loans to businesses located outside of Chicago and/or Detroit.

Big Banks in Chicago and/or Detroit Make 7% of their Total Small Business Loans in Chicago and/or Detroit

When you keep your money on deposit with Urban Parternership, your money dollar-for-dollar funds small business lending in Chicago and Detroit.

Data Detail: Lending rates are approximated based on the bank's share of deposits held in branch(es) in the Chicago and/or Detroit metro areas, as well as the number of small business loans originated by the bank in Chicago and/or Detroit counties, as reported on bank Community Reinvestment Disclosure Reports and Performance Evaluations. "Big banks in Chicago and/or Detroit" is the weighted average of banks with more than $50 billion in total assets and with a branch in the Chicago and/or Detroit metro areas.

Data Source: Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Call Reports, FDIC Summary of Deposits Survey, CRA Disclosure Reports, CRA Performance Evaluations. Data updated Q4 2017.

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87% of Your Money on Deposit in Urban Partnership Finances Communities

Different banks put depositors' money to work in different ways. 87% of your money on deposit in Urban Partnership Bank is put to work for the Real Economy, or communities.

Translated, this means that $87 of your every $100 on deposit in Urban Partnership finances communities. 

Community financing includes loans and investments for the development of business, public works, and housing. 

Dollar for dollar, Urban Partnership puts $37 more financing into communities for every $100 on deposit than Big Banks with a branch in the Chicago and/or Detroit metro areas.

You can see how different banks compare in their community financing focus, below.

Percent of Total Dollars in Bank Invested in the Real Economy

*Data Detail:  "Total Dollars in Bank Invested in the Real Economy" include the sum of business loans, housing loans and securities, construction loans, municipal loans and securities, farm loans, and consumer loans as a percentage of total bank assets. "Big Bank Industry Average in Chicago + Detroit" includes banks with more than $50 billion in total assets and with a branch in the Chicago and/or Detroit metro area(s). Bank average weighted by bank size.

Data Source: Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Call Reports, FDIC Summary of Deposits Survey. Data updated Q4 2017.


I Did the Math: Urban Partnership Bank Works with My Values

DRR mighty upb icon.jpg
Pictured above: Daniel Ramirez-Raftree

Q&A with Urban Partnership Depositor Daniel Ramirez-Raftree

MIGHTY: How did you learn about Urban Partnership?

DANIEL: I majored in sociology at the University of Chicago. Most of my professional experiences had been with nonprofits, and I was interested in continuing to work in community development. My advisor suggested that I check out Urban Partnership Bank. I had never considered working in finance, but the bank seemed like it was doing good work for the South Side of Chicago, and I decided I wanted to learn more by being part of it.

M: So you took on a job in banking without really having planned to do so?

D: That's right. I joined UPB’s underwriting team.

M:  What did you learn? 

D: I learned that the average loan size at Urban Partnership is smaller than what you might see at other banks. This struck me because making many small loans is more costly than making a few large loans, because the bank needs to spend more time processing smaller loans. It’s a testament to Urban Partnership's commitment to its communities that it makes these small loans, even if they are more costly, because these loans are what the community needs.

M:  When did you decide to become a depositor with the bank?

D: I moved on to New York City after two years of working with Urban Partnership, to advance my career. To keep a connection to the bank and the community, I started a Mission Savings Account and I continue to keep my money in the bank today. While it’s true that I could make a higher interest rate if I kept my money in an online account somewhere else, I did the math, and I decided that the small bump in interest isn’t worth my sacrificing my aligning my money with my values.

M:  Do you believe your money in the bank makes a difference?

D: I recall riding my bike down Cottage Grove to work at Urban Partnership’s headquarters on 79th St. I remember there were empty lots and buildings in need of renovation. But through them, and, in a sense, because of them, I saw an immense opportunity for investing in the community’s growth. The most important resource these communities need is commitment, and Urban Partnership Bank’s commitment to the South and West sides of Chicago is unrivaled. It's meaningful for me to demonstrate my support to this commitment.

We're Putting Our Community On the Map

Your money on deposit in Urban Partnership funds loans and other financing for people and organizations in neighborhoods you value. We're helping you visualize your money's impact at work.  See featured clients as well as organizations we've financed, below.

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From Boarded Up to Vibrant

Free and Clear Enterprises icon.jpg

Free and Clear Enterprises is a privately-owned real estate firm that has renovated and managed more than 100 units in the Chicago area, with a focus on housing development in Auburn, Chatham, Grisham and South Shore neighborhoods.

“One of our goals is to bring neighborhood back, from boarded up to vibrant," says Enterprise Owner Phil Joseph. "One of the rewarding parts of being a property owner is being able to provide families good quality homes and when they move in, they say thank you. I keep in touch with these families.”

“Urban Partnership is unique in that they don’t just give you a loan but invest in the property with you. People from the bank come out to look at properties I’m considering and bring an inspector with them. It’s like having a partner with a strong understanding of the area."


Affordable Housing Investment on Chicago's West Side

foxford construction.jpg

Working with Chicago Central Properties, Urban Partnership financed the rehabilitation of three apartment buildings in the Austin and West Garfield Park communities on Chicago's West Side. The result is 17 affordable housing units available for residency.

“I chose to work with Urban Partnership because I found out pretty quickly that they know the economics of some neighborhoods that other banks simply don’t understand,” said Patrick O’Flaherty, who owns Chicago Central Properties along George Nugent. “They know property values, they know rental values. They are very educated about the market."

O'Flaherty added, "My tenants deposit their rent checks with Urban Partnership. I enjoy and look forward to continuing to work with the bank."

Austin properties

5006 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago (8 units) (pictured above)

217 N. Lavergne, Chicago (3 units)

West Garfield Park property

4301 W. Adams, Chicago (6 units)


Pledge of Partnership for Strong Chicago Communities

polk bros foundation upb partnership pledge.jpg

Polk Bros. Foundation is a private independent foundation dedicated to building and strengthening Chicago's families and communities, especially those most affected by poverty.  The foundation exists today due to the success of the Polk Bros. chain of retail furniture and appliance stores, a Chicago institution for more than 55 years.

“We took the Partnership Pledge at Urban Partnership Bank, opening a money market deposit account, because it’s an easy way to help the community while at the same time advancing our Foundation’s mission by further investing in several of our focus areas, including workforce development, housing and economic development, and safe communities.”

-Amy Hill, Polk Bros. Foundation Vice President of Investments and Administration

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Pullman Rooftop Greenhouse

gotham icon 1 upb m-ANIMATION.gif

Gotham Greens chose to partner with Urban Partnership when deciding to build in Pullman. 

Gotham Greens describes itself "as farmers that live in apartments; fuel blooming communities where others fear urban decay; grow extraordinarily fresh food in extraordinarily fresh places." 


Urban Youth Leadership Development

geneysys works upb.jpg


Genesys Works not only works with UPB to grow its financial operations, but also to place its young leaders in internship opportunities alongside UPB's diverse banking team. 

“Genesys Works is extremely proud to partner with Urban Partnership Bank, a partner that has provided wonderful support over the years, not just helping our students open savings accounts, but also filling those accounts to save for college by employing numerous Genesys Works Young Professionals.” 
Joseph Tollefson, Director of Corporate Partnerships

Affordable Chicago Housing

celadon icon upb m-ANIMATION.gif

Celadon Holdings stabilizes affordable housing units in Chicago's back of the yards, Greater Grand Crossing and Humboldt Park neighborhoods. In 2017, with financing from Urban Partnership Bank, Celadon supported renovations of 49 family housing units.

Thanks to the work of companies like Celadon Holdings, combined with the financing power of the Urban Partnership Bank community, more than 3,700 affordable housing units have been stabilized in Chicago + Detroit neighborhoods. 

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Franchise Creating First-Time Jobs

culvers icon  m upb-ANIMATION.gif

Baron Waller used to live in Bronzeville and is the owner of the first Culver's - the Wisconsin staple, known for its butterburgers, cheese curds and frozen custard - in the city of Chicago. 

"I am excited to build in a community in which I once lived and where my restaurant can have a positive community impact," Waller says.
"One of my objectives was to bring jobs to Bronzeville for black men and women and high school students. Half of the more than 80 people we hire are high school students and half are people taking care of family.
"I believe that quick service restaurants are often the first job for many, as it was for me. I want my restaurant to be in a position to help teens learn how to work and build a career, no matter what they choose to do in their lives.

The opening of Culver's was enabled by Urban Partnership's work with Bronzeville's Lake Meadows Shopping Center over multiple phases as it continues to develop, resulting in 220 local part-time jobs created, including those by Culver's.

Below: Opening day video coverage.
Trouble viewing video? Watch here.
(Source: ABC 7 News)
Below: Opening day video coverage. Trouble viewing video? Watch here. (Source: ABC 7 News)

Curriculum-Based Day Care

fresh start day care icon 1-ANIMATION.gif


With centers in Galewood and Berwyn neighborhoods, Fresh Start Day Care Center"advocates learning with a robust curriculum, with lesson plans and planned activities,” says Fresh Start Founder and CEO Corey Britt.

According to Britt, Urban Partnership Bank literally helped him open up new doors for business.

"Urban Partnership helped me realize my dream of building a successful business, especially with the flexibility and personal service that UPB showed through the process of my getting the loan," Britt says.
“They’re great relationship bankers."

Depositors Since Day One

webitects icon navy blue-ANIMATION.gif


Webitects is a Chicago-based digital agency providing custom-tailored websites and applications for organizations including the The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago River Edge Ideas Lab, Regional Housing Solutions, and Wikipedia. 

"We've been a business client of UPB since its day one, and happily work with many mission-driven organizations in Chicago and across the country. We love the fact that UPB supports local businesses in under-invested areas and industries."

Billy Belchev, Webitects President.


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