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Optus Bank


  • Certified Causes: Racial Equity · Poverty Alleviation · Real Economy (Top 50%)
  • Place Focus: 100% Columbia
  • Community Financing: $64 of every $100 in the bank
  • Features: Online Banking · Mobile Deposits · Small Business Loans
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    South Carolina Community Bank, originally called Victory Savings Bank, is the only African-American-controlled bank in South Carolina, and one of 22 in the country. It’s both a minority depository institution and a community development financial institution, with the majority of the bank’s voting shares controlled by African-Americans.

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    What Optus Bank does for you




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    What Optus Bank does with your money

    Optus Bank puts money in the bank to work to finance racial equity, poverty alleviation, small business and the real economy

    Optus Bank is 100% focused in South Carolina.

    Financing small businesses in South Carolina and across the country like X, Y and Z.
    Where deposits with Optus Bank are at work

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    In the words of others

    How this tiny black-owned bank is turning itself around with fintech

    Read article in American Banker

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  • Optus Bank Headquarters

    1545 Sumter St · Columbia SC · 29201 · call South Carolina Community Bank now: (803) 733-8100