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Thanks for banking with us at ABC Bank.

We're exploring new ways to make clear how important your business is to us, and the community you support.

We're partnering with Mighty, an American Banker + Fast Company startup being built at the University of Chicago that aims to help the public have a better understanding of the community impact of their money in the bank.

This is your personal portal to connect to information about the community impact of your banking business.  We're happy to be piloting this with Mighty and hope you have a bit of fun as we work to engage the community in new innovative ways moving forward.

We look forward to hearing how you like it. 

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Bank CEO


The average deposit in FNBC Bank & Trust helps to power:

$36K of housing investment

$48K in small business investment

$72K in farming investment

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Making Music

Hometown Wins

New on LaGrange Road


Women in leadership at FNBC Bank & Trust

All women led banks are in rural areas, and are focused on investments in farms.

We support diversity in leadership, meet our team and their reflections on the importance of it.


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