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Mighty Report. January 2018. Five minute read.



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Your Money Isn't Sitting In Your Bank, It's In Motion

Your money isn't just sitting in a bank. It's in motion, financing different markets, including neighborhoods, or the real economy.

To help you better understand how your bank money is in motion, Urban Partnership Bank has partnered with Chicago and women-led startup, Mighty, to power this impact reporting.

The mission of Mighty, based at the University of Chicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and featured in Fast Company and American Banker, is to help individuals and businesses - like you - know the unique neighborhood footprint your money on deposit in the bank is making.

Mighty analyzes publicly reported bank data about how banks put their clients' money to work for neighborhoods. Mighty then works with banks to deliver bite-sized content to facilitate increased transparency and connections for the public about their money in the bank and the communities they're impacting.

UPB is proud to partner with Mighty to facilitate this experience for its customers.



    UPB Impact

    86% Of Your Money On Deposit With UPB Finances Neighborhoods

    Different banks put depositors' money to work in different ways. $86 of every $100 on deposit in Urban Partnership Bank is put to work for neighborhoods.

    Translated, this means that $86 of your every $100 on deposit in UPB finances neighborhoods (or $8,600 of every $10,000, or $86,000 of every $100,000, and so forth). 

    Neighborhood financing includes loans and investments for the development of business, housing, construction, and public works. 

    Dollar for dollar, UPB puts puts $35 more financing into neighborhoods for every $100 on deposit than the average big bank with a branch in the Chicago and/or Detroit metro area.

    You can see how different banks compare in their neighborhood financing focus, below.

    UPB puts more of your money to work for neighborhoods than other banks in Chicago and/or Detroit

    Data detail: "Average Local Bank" includes banks with a branch in Chicago and/or Detroit metro area. "Average Local Big Bank" includes banks > $50 billion in total assets with a branch in Chicago and/or Detroit metro area. Bank averages weighted by bank size. Values shown as a percent of total bank dollars. Loan, investment, deposit and branch data updated Q3 2017.



    UPB Community

    See What We Finance

    The Largest Hydroponic Rooftop Greenhouse In The US. Building Pullman, Chicago.

    gotham icon 1 upb m-ANIMATION.gif

    Gotham Greens chose to partner with Urban Partnership Bank when deciding to build in Pullman. 

    Gotham Greens describes itself "as farmers that live in apartments; see green fields where others see rooftops; fuel blooming communities where others fear urban decay; know that the crunch of fresh, local, sustainably grown food sets off a chain reaction of good things in the world; grows extraordinarily fresh food in extraordinarily fresh places." 

    gotham greens map.jpg

    Gotham Greens is located in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago, IL 60628


    Urban Youth Leadership Development.  

    genesys works-icon-upb m-ANIMATION.gif

    Genesys Works not only works with UPB to grow its financial operations, but also to place its young leaders in internship opportunities alongside UPB's diverse banking team. 

    “Genesys Works is extremely proud to partner with Urban Partnership Bank, a partner that has provided wonderful support over the years, not just helping our students open savings accounts, but also filling those accounts to save for college by employing numerous Genesys Works Young Professionals.”  Joseph Tollefson, Director of Corporate Partnerships
    genysys works chicago map.jpg

    Affordable Housing Across Chicago.

    celadon icon upb m-ANIMATION.gif
    Celadon Holdings stabilizes affordable housing units in Chicago's back of the yards, Greater Grand Crossing and Humboldt Park neighborhoods. In 2017, with financing from Urban Partnership Bank, Celadon supported renovations of 49 family housing units. Thanks to the work of companies like Celadon Holdings, combined with the financing power of the Urban Partnership Bank community, more than 3,700 affordable housing units have been stabilized in Chicago + Detroit neighborhoods. 
    celdon holdings map.jpg

    Celadon Holdings is located in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in Chicago, IL and does affordable housing development throughout Chicago.



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