Mighty in HuffPost: Build Tools to Empower the Crowd


MIghty co-founder Megan Hryndza was quoted in Huffington Post along with other SOCAP scholarship company founders on what it takes to build a social impact business.

Mighty's vision is to bring impact investing to everyone. As Meg is quoted, equipping people to take up local investing to meet their priority interests is what Mighty is in the business to do. From the article:

Founding a startup is hard. Founding one that has a social mission is even harder. Thanks to the work of Social Capital Markets and its annual SOCAP conference, social entrepreneurs can more easily develop their networks, find potential investors, and expand their global network. For #SOCAP17, we caught up with 65 of these inspiring leaders to ask them for their advice in starting a company with a mission of making the world better.
#35: Megan Hryndza, CoFounder & CEO of Mighty
Getting people to care about your cause is easier than getting them to adopt the cause as one of their own. Focus on equipping people to take inspiration from your cause and make it their own.
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