Digiday's Tearsheet Covers Mighty


Tearsheet called us up at Mighty to talk about why we do what we do.

We love talking this stuff. So thanks Tearsheet for calling. 

They quoted Mighty founder Meg Hryndza, too:

“Collectively, money can get things done. There will be more than ever a receptive audience for understanding they know where they spend their money matters but where they keep their money matters too,” [Hryndza] said. 

“Mighty is further looking to see where we can deliver on opportunities without people having to wait for the next vote, by bringing a platform for action and influence everyday.”


Tearsheet opens the article by saying that "Fintech wants you to feel good about banking." We know we can't control how you feel, but we have conviction we can help power tools that give you better transparency about what your money is doing. How you feel in response is up to you. Steps of emotions may or may not be involved. Read the full article, here.


Mighty helps you track the impact of your money in your bank and grow what you value. Get Mighty.

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