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Financial inclusion: American tragic

“The plight of the unbanked in the US’s poorest regions is a modern-day scandal in the world’s richest nation. Southern Bancorp is one bank seeking to address the problem. The bank has been working with marketing technology firm Mighty, offering data analysis on the impact of the 5,000-plus banks in the US. The aim is to increase awareness about how deposits support community investments and to point consumers to banks that align with their values.”

Read the full article in EuroMoney, here.

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Fintech wants to make you feel better about where you spend your money

“Collectively, money can get things done. There will be more than ever a receptive audience for understanding they know where they spend their money matters but where they keep their money matters too,” [Hryndza] said. “Mighty is further looking to see where we can deliver on opportunities without people having to wait for the next vote, by bringing a platform for action and influence everyday.”

Read the full Tearsheet article, here.

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Next City Covers Mighty: Tool to Help You Find a “Good” Bank

By: Oscar Perry Abello for Next City. Excerpt below. See full article, here.

Enter Mighty, a new platform that will help “small but powerful” banks connect with potential depositors or investors who might be swayed to pick a bank based on positive social impact.

“What we want to start doing on day one is putting amazing banks that merit national attention on the map,” says Megan Hryndza, founder and CEO. “It’s time to hear what’s going awesome in banking, what’s going well, what banks have consumers and stakeholders and partners that show up and say this is a special bank.”


Mighty helps you track the impact of your money in your bank and grow what you value. Get Mighty.

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