Trending on Google: Banking + Impact

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You’ve likely heard of the impact investing economy, in which $1 trillion dollars is expected to target socially and environmentally-accountable investments by 2020.

We hosted an event with Impact Engine featuring contributors to Fast Company and Forbes exploring the idea of choosing a bank that shares your values. SOCAP hosted an event the next day, and CNN covered the topic shortly after.

A look at Google searches over the past years suggests that the idea of people choosing banks with consideration for the bank’s financing focus is a growing movement.


Whether the public sees it as a form of impact investing or responsible consumerism isn’t as important as individuals and businesses being hungry to bank toward community outcomes that they can share in.

Since Mighty started talking about impact banking last year, we’ve engaged thousands of users and garnered millions of media impressions that reinforce the idea that people and banks coming together around shared values is an emerging market force, and a force for good.


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