Americans put $11 trillion into bank accounts with limited regard for the trajectory of funds.

So what?

Well, we all know the Bill Gates and Warren Buffets of the world: the powerful investors shaping the national and global markets.

Did you know that Gates, Buffet and the 20 wealthiest investors in the US combined only have a fraction of the money that the collective public has?

Where is the public's money? It's largely sitting in banks.

This money isn’t sitting in the bank, however. It’s in motion, powering investments in different communities and markets.

When you put your money in your bank account, you're not putting it under a mattress. You're putting it into an economic engine. Up to 90% of your money in your checking and savings accounts is used by your bank (while you're not using it) to invest in the economy.

So you don't need billions or millions to be an impactful financier of American cities and marketplaces. You just need a bit of money and big visions, and the savvy to get started with your bank account. Mighty will show you your choices to be impactful in your banking. (And if you already have billions or millions and you're not banking for impact, what are you waiting for?)  Sign up today to try Mighty.