Next City Covers Mighty: Tool to Help You Find a “Good” Bank


By: Oscar Perry Abello for Next City. excerpt below. see full article, here.

Enter Mighty, a new platform that will help “small but powerful” banks connect with potential depositors or investors who might be swayed to pick a bank based on positive social impact.

“What we want to start doing on day one is putting amazing banks that merit national attention on the map,” says Megan Hryndza, founder and CEO. “It’s time to hear what’s going awesome in banking, what’s going well, what banks have consumers and stakeholders and partners that show up and say this is a special bank.”


mighty helps you find, compare and track banks in the us by their social, environmental, and neighborhood focus. build your banking portfolio with checking, savings, and other bank accounts to grow the unique community impact that matters to you. reserve your invite to get mighty.

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